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March 29, 2015

Border Solution Available
Ultralights can be detected

Undetected: Glenn Spencer flies ultralight across the border.
Photo by Mike King flying a drone.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 29, 2015  
    On her first visit to the border after being elected, Rep. Martha McSally was involved in an attempt to locate an ultralight aircraft that had crossed the border. Ultralight aircraft are a serious and growing problem on the border, made so by the inability of our radar systems to detect them --- but they can be detected.
    Last Friday I flew an ultralight across the Mexican border into Arizona in a test of a system to detect low flying aircraft. I notified CBP radar operators of my plans, as I do every time.
    Upon returning to base, I was told by CBP that their border radar system could not see me at any time. However, the system invented by Border Technology spotted me every time.
    Our government is well aware of this technology. If you would like to see it first-hand, attend the Border Security Expo in Phoenix, April 21/22.