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March 24, 2015

Anarchists Surface
Opposing the Rule of Law

"It is a time for truth."
Cruz, speaking to an energetic crowd of students at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.
Washington Times -- March 23, 2015  
Ted Cruz faces fierce Hispanic backlash over immigration crackdown advocacy
    Sen. Ted Cruz announced a bid for the White House on Monday, drawing praise from grass-roots conservatives but a fierce backlash from Hispanic groups that said they were appalled at the prospect of the first Hispanic to announce for president this cycle being such a firm champion of a crackdown on illegal immigrants.
    A freshman lawmaker, whose father was Cuban, has been one of the most vocal opponents of President Obama's immigration policy. He voted against a legalization bill in 2013 and helped lead opposition to the administration's deportation amnesty over the past six months.
    Announcing his candidacy at Liberty University, Mr. Cruz sounded familiar conservative themes and said he believes “God isn't done with America yet.” [...]
    “We reject Ted Cruz, which is sad, because while he is the first Latino to declare his candidacy, he may be the most anti-immigration candidate on stage during the debates,” Cesar Vargas and Erika Andiola, co-directors of the Dream Action Coalition, said in a joint statement. “While Ted Cruz has a Latino name and immigration in his past, that's where the similarities between him and the Latino community end.”
Cruz on Hannity last night