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March 19, 2015

Arizona Experts Called to Testify
One is conspicuously absent

Border Patrol helicopter searches for suspects in cottonwood
trees lining the San Pedro River in Cochise County.
KTAR -- Phoenix -- March 19, 2015  
Arizonans tell senators Southwest border 'is not secure'
    Washington -- Local law enforcement must be involved in securing "the rural parts of the Southwest border," which is still dangerously insecure, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told a Senate panel Tuesday.
    "Sheriffs are a direct voice of trust in their respective counties so I think it's important that we continue that voice with the sheriffs," said Dannels, who told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee not to "ignore us."
    Dannels' testimony came during a two-hour hearing that brought residents and officials from Texas and Arizona to Washington to share their "perspectives from outside the Beltway" on Southwest border security.
    The committee chairman, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said it was the first in a series of hearings and roundtable discussions focused on problems along the Southwest border. Witnesses Tuesday had plenty to share.
    "I want to be crystal clear: The border is not secure," said Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol agent who was testifying on behalf of the National Border Patrol Council.

Politics Trumps Border Security
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
The Senate Homeland Security Committee called witnesses from Cochise County to describe the border problem. All had knowledge of the issue. I was not among them, even though I have spent twelve years right on the border - and I have solid solutions.
    When I briefed the man who is in charge of border technology for CBP, he said, “...anyone who knows anything about the border knows who Glenn Spencer is.
    I am not called as a witness because I have stepped on a lot of toes. I say exactly what I think --- no matter what.
In today's politically correct world that quickly makes you a pariah. Politics trumps security.