Past Features

March 16, 2015

UofA Center for Border Security
Ignores border security
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 16, 2015  
UofA Center does what?
    People associated with the University of Arizona Center for Border Security and Immigration (the photos above are from its Web site) are generally considered open-borders advocates.
    Moreover, with the exception of a funny looking avatar that is designed to speed the flow of people across our borders, the center does very little with regard to border security.
Technical Reports
    The following is a list of recent technical reports by the center.
Reasons and Resolve to Cross the Line: A Post-Apprehension Survey of Unauthorized Immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Household Income, Poverty, and Food-Stamp Use in Native-born and Immigrant Households: A Case Study in Use of Public Assistance
Economic Contributions of Immigrants in the United States: A Regional and State-by-State Analysis
The Border Patrol Checkpoint on Interstate 19 in Southern Arizona: A Case Study of Impacts on Local Real Estate Prices
Journal Papers
Take a look at their journal papers.
Conference Papers
Take a look at their conference papers. -- I rest my case.