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March 14, 2015

Greatest Scandal Of All Time?
Terrorists could have been stopped

General Kelly - speaking to Sen. McCain: "if a terrorist or almost
anyone who wants to get into our country, they just pay the fare."
Breitbart -- March 12, 2015  
Top U.S. General: ISIS May Use Latin American Traffickers To Enter U.S.
    Washington -- Gen. John Kelly, commander of U.S. Southern Command, warned lawmakers that Sunni extremists are radicalizing converts and other Muslims in Latin America, adding that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) may exploit trafficking organizations in the region to infiltrate the United States.
    Latin American countries lack the ability to track Islamic terrorists, noted the general.
    He said that Sunni groups such as ISIS could move without impediment across the region.
    Gen. Kelly also expressed concern about the presence of Lebanese terror group Hezbollah and the Iranian influence in Latin America. Hezbollah is backed by Iran.
    According to the Southcom commander, Iran has established more than 80 “cultural centers” in the Latin American region in an effort to promote Shiite Islam.
    The general's comments came during a hearing held by the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday. He briefed reporters at the Pentagon a few hours after.

The Greatest Scandal of All Time
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    Four years ago my organization began testing a system that would detect and pinpoint anyone who tries to cross the border between ports of entry. Since then the system has been under continuous R&D and is now incredibly reliable and accurate. The DHS is well aware of this technology, as is the media and a high-profile DOD contractor. The DHS has declined to support the concept, and, with the exception of one local newspaper and two local TV stations, the media have refused to report it. After two years during which it heaped praise on the system, the DOD contractor is still studying it.
    When a four star general responsible for assessing threats from the South says terrorists are planning to use that route to attack us, should we take him seriously? You bet. Should the U.S. do whatever it takes to stop these monsters? Yes. Is it doing whatever it can? No. Is it even serious? No. It has wasted billions of dollars on failed technology.
    In time the truth about a border technology that could have saved us will come out. When it does, the people will know of "The Greatest Scandal of All Time."