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March 13, 2015

Obvious --- for 23 years
California Political Review -- November 11, 2014  
The Financial Costs of Illegal Immigration–$9 TRILLION Over Fifty Years
 The cost of an illegal alien receiving amnesty from Obama is not a short term cost. In fact it has been worked out that over 50 years the cost is more than $9 TRILLION for the five million Barack is legializing. Barack really wants to bankrupt our nation. Of course the five million illegal aliens he makes “legal” will also challenge five million honest Americans, Hispanics, blacks, men, women and youth for available low pay jobs.
    Obamacare is killing health care, jobs and the economy (the real economy, not the fantasy press releases from the White House) and now for the next two generations the costs of violating the law by the President is going to cost our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Shame on us for allowing this to happen.
Glenn Spencer - American Patrol Report
Illegal immigration was a pocketbook issue when I first got involved with it. My September, 1992, newsletter carried the headline: L.A.’s Number One Import: Poverty. -- What was plain as day to me twenty-three years ago - has yet to sink into the numbskulls that run our nation’s capitol.