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March 12, 2015

Media refuse to report on levee solution

Study by American Border Patrol shows how levee system
could stop flood of illegal aliens. This was ignored by Fox News.
KTRH -- Houston -- March 12, 2015  
Border Crossings to Pick Up Soon
    A relatively quiet few months at the Mexican border will be replaced with a busy summer, according to U.S. Border Patrol projections. Almost 13-thousand unaccompanied youths were caught there in the last five months -- much lower numbers than over the same period last year. University of Houston immigration law professor Michael Olivares says there's still a need for immigration reform.
    “It's tangled up with a failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform,” Olivares says, “which would have dealt with some of these issues much more comprehensively and thoroughly.”
    As long as the U.S. border with Mexico stretches, it's still a fact that more than half of the people entering this country illegally come into Texas from the south. Both sides agree we need immigration reform, but Olivares isn't optimistic we'll see it any time soon.
    “Congress just doesn't want to take this up and hand him a victory,” he says. “Until that changes, neither side is going to accept the metrics of the other side.”

Dallas Morning News -- March 11, 2015
[Texas] House committee votes out omnibus border security bill, after tightening up some language
    ....House budget writers have said their border security plan would cost over $500 million over the next two years, with a good chunk of that paying for an additional 250 state police officials at the border.