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March 9, 2015

The Truth About California Proposition 187
Pete Wilson was re-elected -- Gray Davis was recalled
Robert T. Garrett -- Dallas Morning News -- March 8, 2015  
Could Greg Abbott be Texas' version of Pete Wilson?
....In 1994, Wilson was an unpopular first-term GOP governor of California who rescued his re-election by becoming a prominent supporter of Proposition 187. The ballot initiative, which passed but was later overturned by courts, would have established a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibited unauthorized immigrants from using health care, public education and other social services in California. The move helped Wilson overcome a 20-point-plus deficit in early polling and defeat Democratic state Treasurer Kathleen Brown.
    Proposition 187 helped energize a growing Hispanic voter population, badly damaged the GOP's image and helped turn California into one of the bluest states in the nation.
    Yes, Abbott isn't even two months into his four-year term. It's early. He has the Wilson cautionary tale before him.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report    
We Need Brave Leaders
Pete Wilson was re-elected because he supported Proposition 187. -- Gray Davis was recalled because he killed Proposition 187. -- California is becoming a blue Hispanic State because cowardly Republican leaders refused to confront the issue of illegal immigration. -- This attitude of capitulation is well represented by the likes of Senate Majority leader McConnell and House Speaker Boehner. -- Americans must soon find brave leaders like Pete Wilson or we will lose the country.