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March 7, 2015

Mexican Gang Violence
Not Just About Smuggling

Associated Press -- March 6, 2015  
Mexico: Troops kill 4 in Ciudad Mier gunbattle
    Mexico, DF -- Security officials in Tamaulipas say they have killed four gunmen in a town near the U.S. border.
    The Tamaulipas Coordination Group says in a statement Thursday that a military patrol in Ciudad Mier came under attack early Tuesday from a four-vehicle convoy.
    It says the soldiers fired back and killed three men and one woman. The statement says the dead have not been identified and were wearing camouflage, helmets and military-style boots.
    For several years Ciudad Mier has sat at the center of territory fought over by the Gulf and the Zetas cartels. In late 2010, the battle for the town grew so intense that most of its 6,000 residents fled with some seeking refuge at a shelter in neighboring Miguel Aleman.
Mexican cartels steal billions from oil industry
Cd. Meir, Tamps., Mex. -- Mexico overcame 75 years of nationalist pride to reform its flagging, state-owned oil industry. But as it prepares to develop rich shale fields along the Gulf Coast, and attract foreign investors, another challenge awaits: taming the brutal drug cartels that rule the region and are stealing billions of dollars' worth of oil from pipelines.