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March 6, 2015

White House lied
...and sun rises in the east
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Washington Times -- March 5, 2015  
Obama lawyers misled federal judge in amnesty case
Administration has approved about 100,000 applications
    President Obama's lawyers misled a federal judge when they said they weren't approving any applications under his expanded deportation amnesty, Texas charged in new court papers Thursday that said the breach is serious enough that the court should allow legal discovery to get to the bottom of the matter.
    The administration admitted to Judge Andrew S. Hanen earlier this week that it had approved about 100,000 amnesty applications under the expanded policy, which Mr. Obama announced Nov. 20, but which was halted by a judge on Feb. 16.
    Texas and 25 other states, who are challenging the amnesty, said the approvals were a stunning revelation that seemed to contradict what the Obama lawyers had said in conference calls and court papers in December and January when they signaled that no applications would be accepted under the expanded amnesty until Feb. 18, and none would be approved until early March.
    “This newly disclosed conduct is difficult to square with defendants' prior representation to the court that ‘nothing is going to happen' until weeks after the preliminary-injunction hearing,” Texas said in its filing Thursday.