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February 28, 2015

Texas Report Exposes DHS Failure
Levee system could stop illegal immigration
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- February 28, 2015  
    Yesterday we reported on data showing a flood of illegal immigration across the Rio Grande near McAllen, Texas. The data used to make the maps was made possible only because the State of Texas was doing the enforcing. DHS would never allow this type of information to be released.
    Last summer I performed aerial surveys of Rio Grande levees near McAllen. In my report I said that DHS had originally planned to use the levees as a defense against illegal immigration, but that the work on the project was halted by the Obama Administration.
    This map shows the status of the levee system near McAllen. This map overlays the levee shown in our report on the data from the State of Texas.
    There is no question that most of the thousands of illegal aliens apprehended in Texas had to cross over the levee system. Thousands more made it through.
    There is a way to use the levees to stop illegal immigration into Texas.
    To DHS/Texas Gov: This is my telephone number: 520-803-7703