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February 21, 2015

Giuliani Raises the Question
Does Obama Hate America?
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- February 21, 2015  
Obama hates America and loves our enemies
    Illegal immigration is part of a plan for “Mexico to Recover Its Own”.
    In July of 2008, candidate Barack Obama appeared before the National Council of La Raza and said that he would seek to legalize 12 million illegal aliens.
    He also said, “And together, we won't just win an election --- we will transform this nation.”
    La Raza was created by the Ford Foundation. It is Mexico's fifth column ---- as I prove in Conquest of Aztlan.
    As a product of Saul Alinsky, Obama supports the Mexican plan for La Reconquista --- his move to legalize all illegal aliens is proof.
    After reading Obama's speech to La Raza, I said: “Barack Obama is the most dangerous person ever to have appeared on the American political stage. His election to the presidency would mean national suicide.”
    Barack Obama hates America and loves our enemies. It is yet to be known if his election was truly national suicide. We may learn more about that with the upcoming vote in the Senate to fund the Department of Homeland Security without funding amnesty.