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February 18, 2015

Obama Amnesty Stopped
Will He Flood Us With More Illegals?

Judge Napolitano explains amnesty case to Stewart Varney of Fox News
Fox News Insider -- February 17, 2015  
Judge Nap: 'Rare Ruling Against Obama Could Delay Amnesty Forever'  
   Judge Andrew Napolitano said today that a new federal court ruling could actually delay President Obama's immigration amnesty "forever."
    On FBN's "Varney & Co.," the judge explained the meaning behind the new ruling that temporarily blocks the implementation of Obama's executive actions on immigration.
    The ruling came late Monday after 26 states asked the court to delay the implementation until after the conclusion of a lawsuit challenging the legality of Obama's orders.
    U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen granted the preliminary injunction Monday after hearing arguments in Brownsville, Texas, last month. He wrote in a memorandum accompanying his order that the lawsuit should go forward and that without a preliminary injunction the states will "suffer irreparable harm in this case."
    "The genie would be impossible to put back into the bottle," he wrote, adding that he agreed with the plaintiffs' argument that legalizing the presence of millions of people is a "virtually irreversible" action. [...]
    Napolitano said the amnesty program is on hold "probably forever" unless the appeals court decides to overturn Hanen's injunction.
    He said it will probably take longer than two years --- Obama's remaining time in office --- for the overall case to wind its way through the courts.
    "The judge said the feds will probably lose and there is probably irreparable harm to the states, therefore I am going to stop this from happening and I'm going to stop it right now," he explained.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol    
Time for "Secure Our Border First Act of 2015"
    With Obama's amnesty stopped cold, it is likely he will move to flood us with even more illegal aliens.
    The issue we can take on and win in the Senate is border accountability. The only real progress that is POSSIBLE is the Secure Our Border First Act of 2015 before the House of Representatives.
    If Obama works to flood us with illegal aliens, the public needs to know it immediately - without the “help” of the mainstream media. HR 399 will do the job.