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February 16, 2015

If We Have No Homeland,
What Good is DHS?
Daily Mail -- London -- February 15, 2015  
Boehner draws fire for saying he's 'certainly' ready to let Homeland Security funding lapse over immigration fight  

Tough Position
    The Republican legislation passed by the House put Senate Republicans in a tough position because not only do they lack the votes to prevent Obama's fellow Democrats from using procedural hurdles to block the bill but also some Republican senators have expressed misgivings about tying homeland security funding to the immigration issue.
    "The House has acted to de-fund the department and to stop the president's overreach when it comes to immigration and his executive orders," Boehner said. ".... And the Congress just can't sit by and let the president defy the Constitution and defy his own his oath of office."

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
What Good is the DHS to a Dead Nation?       
I warned that electing Barack Obama to the presidency would be national suicide. -- If Barack Obama is allowed to proceed with his executive action on amnesty, the sovereignty of the United States of America will be lost. -- What good is the Department of Homeland Security when we have lost our homeland?