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February 14, 2015

American Border Patrol Continues Leadership
Latest Technology Tracks Intruders

Mike King prepares camera for night border work.
American Border Patrol -- February 14, 2015  
    Mike King has headed up ABP's technical operations since 2002. Twelve years ago he explained to Swiss TV how American Border Patrol's ground sensors can direct UAVs to a suspect.
    Mike has been on Tech TV.
    In 2004 he demonstrated a night flying UAV on KGUN TV in Tucson and has made the front page of the local newspaper.
    Today Mike is working on a system that automatically points a camera where the Sonic Barrier says intruders are threatening.
    The system uses the latest Pelco night vision camera and Directed Perception pan and tilt. You can see the live video of the border crossers on your computer -- if you had the password.
    By the way, don't look for stories about Mike in the mainstream media -- his story and that of American Border Patrol are blacked out on orders of the Southern Poverty Law Center.