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February 13, 2015

Los Angeles Unified School District
What Johnson Hath Wrought

President Johnson's immigration law, coupled with his civil rights bill,
paved the way for illegal immigration from Mexico
Capitol Political Review -- February 12, 2015  
LAUSD Attorneys to "Volunteer" to Defend Illegal Aliens From Deportation  
    It is obvious that the Los Angeles Unified School District has too many attorneys. They have so many attorneys that they are able to “volunteer” their work time to defend illegal alien students from deportation. “LA Unified lawyers will start taking on student deportation cases on a pro-bono and volunteer basis, making it the first school district in the country to represent immigrant children.”
    This is a government school district begging the State and Feds for money. This is the same District that still has not explained the one billion no bid computer contract. LAUSD has a massive deficit --- but enough attorneys that have nothing to do but to use money meant for education to defend the young people illegally imported into this nation by Obama. There are now five schools under court order to be improved. The District says they can't because they do not have the money.
    Fired the attorneys and reorganize the non teaching staff. Obviously this is a District more interested in politics and ideology than education.

Allan J. Favish -- Front Page Magazine -- February 22, 2005
Has Illegal Immigration Ruined Los Angeles Public Schools?