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February 11, 2015

Cruz Nails Republican Leadership
The only one with real courage
Talking Points Memo -- February 10, 2015  
Ted Cruz Blames GOP Leaders For Failing Strategy To Stop Obama On Immigration
    Washington --- Sen. Ted Cruz blamed Republican leaders Tuesday for his party's failing strategy to overturn President Barack Obama's immigration actions, arguing that if they had listened to him and more forcefully confronted Obama they would be succeeding.
    Speaking to a few reporters in the Capitol outside a Senate GOP lunch meeting, the Texas Republican said party leaders gave "away virtually all of our leverage" by funding most of the government through September, and didn't adopt his plan to grind nearly all nominations to a halt unless Obama surrendered.
    Cruz said he warned all along that that was "a strategy designed to lose."
    "My objections were overruled," he said. "Leadership proceeded nonetheless down this path and now it's incumbent on leadership to explain what their path is to what they stated the end goal would be."
    Cruz added: "My views have been clear and explicit from the beginning. Congress should use every constitutional check and balance we have to rein in the unconstitutional and illegal executive amnesty from President Obama. That includes using the power of the purse — although with the 'cromnibus' we've given away virtually all of our leverage, by already funding almost the entirety of the federal government. ... And for a couple of months now I have called on the new majority leader to publicly announce that the Senate will not confirm any nominees, executive or judicial, other than vital national security positions, unless and until the president rescinds his unconstitutional amnesty."

Comment by Glenn Spencer
    After twenty-three years of watching how Republican leaders deal with illegal immigration, I can say with absolute certainty that Ted Cruz is right about them. Republicans ceded California to Mexico, and they scuttled the last serious attempt to secure our border with Mexico.
    When it comes to illegal immigration, Senator Ted Cruz stands head and shoulders above anyone else seeking the presidency. He sees what I see. He gets it.
    Americans had better get behind him --- or get the same Republican betrayal we have suffered for decades.