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February 6, 2015

They Also Serve Who Only Stand And Wait?
Border Patrol -- a Waste of Human Resources
US Border Patrol vehicle parked on the border in
Arizona -- at the same spot for almost six hours.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- February 6, 2015  
    I cannot imagine a more wasteful use of humans than in the US Border Patrol. The Border Patrol vehicle shown above pulled up and parked at that spot at 1:30:53 AM and did not leave until 07:04:35 AM . (We have caught some sleeping.) Many agents can spend months without making an apprehension.
    American Border Patrol has been testing technology that will let agents know when someone is trying to cross the border so they can react. In fact, we know when that vehicle pulled up and parked because our sensors told us. We have been monitoring this particular area for months, but I cannot tell you where it is --- or what we have found.
    We have been using the "Sonic Barrier" on the border for more than four years and it works. It can detect humans, vehicles and aircraft. It can show where they are - and how far they are from the border. It works every time with hardly any false alarms. It is the best border technology ever invented and it could make sure that Border Patrol agents are used effectively.
    Have you ever seen a media report on this system? Do you know why they don't report on it?