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January 30, 2015

Our Lawless Nation
Rudy Takala -- CNS News -- January 29, 2015  
Cruz: 'In Effect, They Are Counterfeiting Immigration Papers'
    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Thursday that contrary to what attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch said in her confirmation hearing on Wednesday that illegal aliens do not have a right to work in the United States and that by printing work authorizations for them the Obama administration is effectively “counterfeiting immigration papers.”
    CNS News asked asked Cruz: Do you believe illegal aliens should have a right to work in the United States as Loretta Lynch told Senator Sessions?
    Cruz responded: Federal law is unequivocal. Those who are present in this country illegally are barred from working. The Obama administration is printing up work authorizations directly contrary to federal law. In effect, they are counterfeiting immigration papers, because the plain text of federal law makes it illegal for those who have entered this country illegally to obtain employment....

Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report
Aiding and Abetting?
    Would it be proper for Americans to send money to a known criminal enterprise? Well, one federal judge says that is what the Obama Administration is.
    Maybe we should set up an escrow account into which taxes could go until the courts rule on the legality of the Obama Administration.