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January 26, 2015

Nine Years Seeking Border Accountability
A History of Glenn Spencer's Efforts
American Border Patrol -- January 26, 2015  
Samples of Glenn's Hands-On Activities since 2006   
2006 - Billions for Diversion - Strategic Bullsh*t Initiative
Vrtual fence project called bullsh*t.  
2007 - Secure Fence Act of 2006 - Operation B.E.E.F.
Project sets out to evaluate progress of border fence.
2007 - Operation B.E.E.F. -- only two miles of double fence finished
Aerial survey of May 10, 2007 (Spencer was the pilot) - see bottom of page for two-mile figure.
2007 - Senator Dole uses Operation B.E.E.F. data to defeat amnesty
"700 miles of fencing to be built, only two miles have been built."
2008 - Why the Strategic Border Initiative (virtual fence) Failed  
2009 - Border Audit Planned - Operation "Hidden in Plain Sight"
Martha Vasquez, KVOA Anchor: A border watch group is going high-tech to figure out exactly how many people are illegally crossing the border.
2010 - Border Accounting Needed - Speaking Truth to Power   
House Homeland Security Chairman is told we need accountability
2011 - Border Patrol Report Card? - Border Security Can Be Defined And Measured
2012 - How to Solve the Border Problem
GovSec West - Hilton Squaw Peak Resort - Phoenix, Arizona - Nov 2011 - YouTube
2013 - What is Border Security and How Will We know When We Have It?
GovSec West - Gaylord Texan Hotel - Dallas, Texas - Nov. 2013 - YouTube
For the past two years Glenn has been working to refine the Sonic Barrier (AKA IDENTISEIS) - a system designed to provide border accountability.