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January 25, 2015

McCaul's Back Against the Wall (Fence)
Border Bill Must Be Good -- So Many Hate it
Photo by Richard Humphries. Airplane piloted by Glenn Spencer.
Homeland Security Chairman McCaul with group of 21 congressional representatives at the border in Arizona on Saturday. See report in today's Sierra Vista Herald.
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- January 25, 2015  
    So the Secretary of Homeland Security says the new border bill out of Chairman McCaul's committee is 'unworkable'.
    And, the union representing US Border Patrol agents is also opposed to it.
    Might I suggest that DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson dislikes the idea of being forced to do his job, and that, while agents do a good job, union leaders do not understand how Johnson goes about avoiding accountability. His Machiavellian methods are apparently above their pay grade.
    Anyone who is really interested in understanding the problem should watch my November, 2013, presentation to GovSec West in Dallas - "What is Border Security and How Will We Know When We Have it?"
    If you take the time to watch this presentation, you will understand EXACTLY why the House wrote the bill it did --- and why Chairman McCaul is standing his ground --- even though his back is against the wall.
    If you decide not to take the time to watch this video, you will not understand what is really going on. You will be willfully ignorant.