Past Features

January 24, 2015

Congress Comes to the Border
ABP Extends Invitation
Left -- CBP chopper flies along border fence in Cochise County this morning.
Right -- It flew right over the spot where smugglers cut a hole and drove a load of drugs through a week ago. Photo shows welders repairing the damage. Will McCaul be told about this?
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- January 24, 2015  
    We have learned from press reports that a contingent of high-ranking congressmen will be touring the border in Southern Arizona -- probably today.
    The group will include Chairman McCaul of the Homeland Security Committee. It is very important for this group of elected officials to get the truth about the border.
    To that end, I want to extend an invitation to Chairman McCaul and the group to visit the headquarters of American Border Patrol. We are right on the border and there is plenty of security.
    I would like to show his esteem group how the border can be secured quickly and at a low cost -- relative plans of the US Senate.
    Chairman McCall, please stop by.