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January 20, 2015

Ignorance in Action
Laura Ingraham is wrong about the border bill
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- January 20, 2015  
Breitbart -- July 21, 2014    
Laura Ingraham Rips McCaul Border Bill
“Right now, under current law, the Border Patrol, by the way, is required to have ‘operational control' of our border… the McCaul bill brings the ‘operational control' requirement down to 90 percent. So you go from 100 percent down to 90, great,” Ingraham said....
    In 2006, George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act. It called for 700 miles of double-layered fence to be built on the US-Mexico border - and it specified where it was to go.
    In late 2007 Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson slapped an amendment on an omnibus bill to allow the DHS to decide what kind of fence should be built and where -- so long as they maintained operational control of the border.
    DHS ended up building only 32 miles of double-layered fence. Did they maintain operational control over the border? No.
    DHS doesn't believe in the idea of operational control over the border, i.e., the prevention of illegal entry into the United States.
    Instead of building a fence in Arizona, DHS spent $1 billion on a virtual fence that failed. The fence would have worked - at a cost of about $350 million.
    I predicted that the virtual fence would fail because there was no way to measure its success.
    In 2007, Sen. Elizabeth (should have been president) Dole said: "The American People want to see results, control of our borders. So we need to establish standards, metrics and show that they have been achieved."
    The new border bill addresses the problem of operational control and metrics head-on.
    I have a strong background in systems engineering and I understand that -- "if you can't measure it -- you can't improve it."
    Laura Ingraham may be a good talk show host and lawyer, but she is clueless as to the real problem on the border.
    As German philosopher Goethe observed: "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action". How true.
ABP TO INGRAHAM: We really do love you, but we have to use your misstep to make a point about the border that might draw attention. Watch Glenn's video and then have him on your show.