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January 17, 2015

Is Jeb Bush Really an Idiot?
Judge for yourself
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- January 17, 2015  
    On January 16, I wrote that Jeb Bush is an idiot. Why would I say such an outrageous thing? Have I no class?
    Jeb Bush says we don't have to secure the border before we legalize millions of illegal aliens - we can do it simultaneously.
"The best way to seal the border is to prevent the reasons that people are coming here illegally. You have to do both things at once - deal with the supply side and the demand side". ---Bush co-author Clint Bolick, Fox News Latino, Jan. 16, 2015
    As I have proven in painful detail, this just won't happen. A careful look at the history of border enforcement clearly shows a pattern of deceit by our government, including Jeb's brother George W's phony Secure Fence Act of 2006. Only an idiot would think that this pattern will change unless we demand proof that the border is secure before legalizing anyone.
     Bush also said that people cross the border out of an "act of love." A love of what? Mexico? There is ample evidence that what is really going on is an attempt by Mexico to reclaim land lost in the Mexican-American War. It is called Reconquista.
    Some years ago I produced a video called Conquest of Aztlan. It proves that we are in a demographic war with Mexico.
    Here is just a sample of what is in it.....

"I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important, a very important part of it." ---Mexican President Zedillo.
"California is going to be a Hispanic State and anyone who doesn't like it should leave." ---Mario Obledo, co-founder of MALDEF

    Jeb Bush is betting that political correctness will stop anyone from challenge his "love" claim. If he thinks this American will sit back in silence, he is a complete idiot.
    Jeb Bush is an integral part of the Washington power elite that engineered the open borders disaster from the beginning.
    If we fall for his BS, we are all idiots.
A Postscript from Glenn Spencer: I say Jeb Bush is doing these stupid things because he is an idiot. If he is knowingly telling us that the border can't be secured, when it can; and that Mexico is not behind the invasion of our country, when it is; I would have to call him a traitor -- and that wouldn't be nice.