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January 12, 2015

Santa Barbarians
Dancers Glorify Cannibals
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- January 12, 2015  
Why Are We Importing Aztecs?
    I have watched them for more than 22 years. Each time a major illegal immigration issue goes public, there they are -- Aztec Dancers. This is the symbol they want to represent their cause.

From the American Patrol Report -- October 18, 2009
    As America faces chaos in Mexico and a political class that seems to want to ignore the threat, Wilson Beck, an expert on Mexico, and a self-described Mexicophyle, puts it all together in "Wakeup Call From Mexico."
    This new book (it includes Obama's early presidency), places the current problems in Mexico within a historic context, with emphasis on the impact of the Aztecs on Mexican culture.
    Beck describes the "Golden Age of Mexico" as a culture that rivaled and, in many cases, surpassed the best that Europe had produced. "The Toltecs, Chichemecs and eventually the Aztecs, transformed the Golden Age of Mexico into the Dark Ages," Beck writes.
    He describes how the brutality of the Aztecs including cannibalism and beheadings overwhelmed "many of Cortes's brave warriors" and made them sick. Beck says "the Aztec legacy is still alive and well in 21st Century Mexico."
    Beck warns that the brutality of the Aztec warriors that is now overwhelming Mexico could overtake the U.S. as well.

    Beck asks many questions, among them: "Why does the U.S. government refuse to enforce immigration laws?"
    Why indeed?