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December 29, 2012

Jessica Vaughan -- CIS -- December 24, 2014  
    An investigative report by a Houston television station exposed that only a tiny fraction of the families and children who crossed in the border surge of 2012-14 are being returned to their home countries, despite Obama administration claims that the cases are a priority. According to immigration court records obtained by the station, only a few of the illegal family or child arrivals are qualified to stay in the United States, and the vast majority (91 percent) have simply absconded from their proceedings after release and joined the resident illegal population, where they are no longer a priority for enforcement under the new, expanded "prosecutorial discretion" policies...[...]
    From these numbers we can determine that:
    Further, any proposals that claim to want to enhance border security and enforcement by providing more resources, more personnel, more technology, and more infrastructure for immigration agencies without addressing the underlying policies that serve to undercut enforcement should be viewed with great skepticism.

Goodlatte should act to Impeach Obama
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report
    On Dec. 16, Bob Goodlatte (R-Va) Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said: "Last month, President Obama disregarded the will of the American people and violated the Constitution by unilaterally changing our immigration laws..."
Since the House Judiciary Committee can, by majority vote, determine whether grounds for impeachment exist, it would seem incumbent on Chairman to begin the process of removing Barack Obama from office immediately.