Past Features

December 20, 2012

Fox News -- December 20, 2014  
    Nearly 20 years after reporters and congressional investigators caught the Clinton administration trying to register a million immigrants as new citizens and Democratic voters -- many without proper documents -- some Republicans fear the Obama administration is instituting a similar policy.
    The November memorandum issued by the White House and Department of Homeland Security on immigration does more than give a reprieve to millions of illegal immigrants. It also makes a push for legal immigrants to become citizens. It allows legal immigrants in the U.S. to, for the first time, pay their $680 naturalization fee by credit card. And the plan offers to waive the cost, based on income, for families earning up to $47,000 for a family of four.
    In the past, the government prohibited such partial waivers. The plan, dubbed "New Americans," will also include a comprehensive media campaign in major media markets in 10 states.....

Community-organizer-in-chief in action
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report
    Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton used the Saul Alinsky-created Industrial Areas Foundation as part of “Citizenship USA” to create one million new voters.
    Democrats even used the Los Angeles Unified School District as a citizenship factory.
    Well, the IAF is still there -- well funded with our tax dollars and Catholic Church donations.
    Watch out America, the community-organizer-in-chief is about to show you what he can really do!