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December 19, 2012

Todos Somos Americanos --- Estúpidos
Obama hijacks the word “American”
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- December 19, 2014  
    Barack Obama opened up relations with Cuba with these words: “Todos Somos Americanos” -- we are all Americans.
    Some years ago, a prominent California Latina said: “We are all Americans -- whether you are legalized or not.” Hilda Solis, who fought to give illegal aliens drivers licenses, would move on to become Obama's Labor Secretary.
    Our relations with Cuba has been a sore point throughout Latin America. By opening that door, he is really opening the door to all of Latin America.
    Three years ago Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay joined in a brief to fight a Utah law dealing with immigration.
    Some argue that there is a movement afoot to create a single hemisphere with a single culture -- Latino.
    Barack Obama's main reason for becoming president was to completely change America by erasing white political power. He doesn't care about anything else. (One need look no further than frequent White House visitor Al Sharpton for clear proof of Obama's anti-white campaign.)
    The move to open relations with Cuba is part of that overall plan. He will join with all of Latin American to erase our borders, our immigration laws - and our culture.
    If we let Barack Obama get away with erasing the United States of America (as we are formally known), we are truly Todos Somos Americanos Estúpidos -- Stupid Americans.