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December 14, 2012

WND Radio -- December 13, 2014  
    The House of Representatives avoided a government shutdown Thursday night, but Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., says it came at the cost of letting the outgoing Senate Democratic majority have control over government spending for nine months after they lose power, and he says Republicans relinquished their strongest weapon for confronting President Obama's immigration actions in the new Congress.
   “This was a huge surrender of the prerogatives of the Congress to bring this administration under control, which is what the American people clearly voted for us to do when we saw a nine-seat shift toward the Republicans in the U.S. Senate,” McClintock said. [...]
    “Instead of negotiating with the new Republican Senate that has has the imprimatur of approval of the American people, they decided they'd get a better deal, I don't know why, by negotiating with Harry Reid, (outgoing Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman) Barbara Mikulski and the Democratic Senate that voters just thoroughly repudiated,” said McClintock, who argued those rejected leaders have largely handcuffed Republicans for most of 2015.
    “So now, the cold, dead hand of Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate will be steering the new Republican Congress' spending priorities for the first nine months of the new Republican Congress,” he said.