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December 11, 2012

Sarah Palin Throws Down Gauntlet to GOP
Block Obama Amnesty Funds or Face 'America's Wrath'
Breitbart -- December 10, 2014  
   In a post on her Facebook page late Wednesday evening, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin --- the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee --- said that Republicans in Congress must block Obama's amnesty and his “fundamental transformation of America” or face “America's wrath” in the next elections. [...]
    Guess what, GOP: our victory party is over and voters are wide awake and trusting you to keep your promises to America. Get a handle on your debt. Stop Obama's amnesty to illegal aliens. Support our military. Bottom line: we elected you to stop Obama's "fundamental transformation of America." Do it --- especially you Republicans who promised to do it. Or face America's wrath next go 'round because an elephant never forgets.

A "Civil War" Approaches
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report
    For decades, the mainstream media, led by the Los Angeles Times, have kept the issue of illegal immigration away from the people because they knew how they really felt about it.
    Now, thanks to Obama and sources such as, the issue is on the front burner and the people are hopping mad. Palin is right --- the people will not forget this frontal assault on their nation. They will take action. There will be a sort of "civil war".