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December 10, 2012

Boehner's Omnibus Deal with Democrats Surrenders on Border Crisis...
...Forces Nearly All Republicans to
Flip-Flop from Previous Position

Breitbart -- December 9, 2014  
    House Speaker John Boehner's forthcoming $1 trillion-plus omnibus spending deal --- the text of which he still hasn't released --- will reportedly surrender every gain Republicans made this summer on the border crisis.
    The deal, which Boehner is working with Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenant Steny Hoyer to secure Democratic votes for, would --- according to the New York Times --- "allocate roughly $948 million to handle the surge of unaccompanied minor children who began pouring across the southern border this summer."
    Under the spending deal, there would almost certainly be no policy changes attached to that $948 million worth of cash for Obama's border crisis.
    Nearly every House Republican, in the days leading up to the August recess, rejected spending $659 million on the border crisis unless there were changes to immigration law --- —forcing GOP leadership to keep Congress in town an extra day and hash out the details to do so. But, now under Boehner's leadership, every House Republican who votes for the omnibus bill will not only be flip-flopping from the previous position that no money could be allocated to Obama's border crisis without policy changes --- they'll be giving him more money than they said was unacceptable last time. [...]
    A senior congressional GOP aide told Breitbart News on Tuesday that the only thing that has changed between this summer's fights and now --- when Boehner is leading Republicans into a flip-flop and surrender --- is that Republicans decisively won an election.