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December 8, 2012

Republican Tricksters
Rush Limbaugh Tells the Truth on Fox

Rush on Fox News Sunday
Fox News -- December 7, 2014  
WALLACE: My point is they won in spite of the shutdown not because of the shutdown.
RUSH: What does it matter? They won. The point is this is a trick. I think the shutdown's a trick. You know what? Here's what it really means, Chris, that Republicans want what Obama wants on immigration, and they are using the government shutdown as an excuse to not stop him because the truth of matter is they agree with him. Romney agrees with it, Jeb Bush agrees with it, the Chamber of Commerce agrees with it, obviously. The Republican establishment doesn't want to stop Obama on comprehensive immigration reform.
WALLACE: Do you think John Boehner and Mitch McConnell agree with that?
And very conveniently, here's this government shutdowns. "Oh, we can't act, we can't, because they'll blame us for shutting it. They'll really be mad at us for shutting down the government." I think it's absurd.
WALLACE: All right.
RUSH: I think it's ridiculous, and the American people are being let down here. They're voting. They're expressing their desires. They want this stuff stopped and the Republican Party is not listening.
House GOP Leaders Trick 216 House Republicans into Accidentally Supporting Obama's Executive Amnesty