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December 6, 2012

Courage or Capitulation?
Will Republicans Follow the California Example?

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Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- December 6, 2014  
    In 1994 the people of California passed Proposition 187. Proposition 187 was the brainchild of Alan C. Nelson and Harold Ezell, Commissioner and western regional director of the INS, respectively, under President Reagan.
    Their principal goal was to challenge the 1982 US Supreme Court decision requiring US schools to educate illegal aliens.
    Proposition 187 passed with 59% of the vote. After trailing by 20%, Pete Wilson was re-elected because he backed 187.
    What happened then should provide a lesson to Americans as they consider what to do about Barack Obama's move on amnesty.
    One federal judge held up Proposition 187 for four years until a Democrat, Gray Davis, was elected Governor. Davis quickly went about to kill the statute -- illegally.
    And what did the Republican Party do? It rolled over and played dead.
    In 1999 I produced a video, Courage and Capitulation in California, in which I prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that we lost Calfornia because of the cowards who ran the Republican Party.
    This same cowardice is afoot in Washington DC today -- only this time they will be giving away an entire nation.

ABP Note: Glenn Spencer was one of the principal advocates of Proposition 187. He worked closely with Alan Nelson and Harold Ezell. In 1994, Glenn and Bill King debated Peter Schey and Richard Polanco over 187.