Past Features

December 5, 2012

Daily Caller -- December 4, 2014  
    House Speaker John Boehner says GOP legislators support his decision to allow funding for President Barack Obama's unilateral amnesty in the 2015 budget bill.
    “We think this is the most practical way to fight the president's action, and frankly, we listened to our members, and we listened to some members who were frankly griping the most,” he told reporters at a Dec. 4 press conference. [...]  
    Conservative advocacy groups are pushing back against Boehner not taking a firmer stance against Obama's amnesty. “It is transparently clear that he has no intention this week, next week or next year to use the appropriations process to block Obama,” said Dan Holler, the communications director for Heritage Action for America. “That's outrageous... it goes against everything that Republicans campaigned on in the fall,” he said.

Anchor Baby Bomb Explodes
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report
    A Mexican can cross the border illegally and have a baby -- an anchor baby. It has been a major weapon in Mexico's demographic war on the United States.
    Despite demands by Americans that this practice stop, Republican leaders have for decades refused to address this issue.
    The anchor baby bomb is now exploding in our midst.