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December 1, 2012

Barack Obama -- Our Savior?
The frog just woke up
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- December 1, 2014 
   Long before he was elected - the first time - I warned that Barack Obama was the most dangerous person ever to set foot on the American political stage. He is certainly dangerous, but the victim may have changed. It may now be Mexican irredentists who should worry.
    For the past thirty years the invasion from across our southern border was so gradual that Americans were much like the infamous boiling frog.
   Millions of illegal aliens crossed our border, but the power elite, with the LA Times leading the pack, worked to keep the truth from the people. When the issue did reach the ballot box, such as California's Proposition 187, they used all their power to suppress the resistance -- illegally.
    It took none other that Barack Obama to wake the sleeping frog. His outrageous move to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens brought the issue to the front burner in a way that the mainstream media could no longer ignore - especially after the last election.
    Arkansas Senator-elect Tom Cotton said it best on Meet the Press yesterday....
....too many Arkansans are worried about the impact that rampant illegal immigration is having on their communities and local services, on the impact it's having on jobs for working families all across the country. And that's why they want us to address those problems in the new Congress.
    The battle is joined -- but don't think for a moment that the people like those who run the L.A. Times will go down without a fight. But they should know that the frog is awake -- and angry.