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November 26, 2012

We Can't Stop Illegal Immigration...
By Statutes or Fences

Enrique Rangel
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- November 26, 2014   
    Writing in a Lubbock Newspaper, columnist Enrique Rangel argues that no matter how much money we spend on security, illegal immigrants will still cross the southern border.....

Rangel: Border security becoming even bigger issue
But despite the record-funding expected for border security, illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America may not be curbed.-- If anything, history suggests, the migration will increase significantly, at least for the next year or two --- even if the soon-to-be Republican controlled Congress passes a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

    All the talk is that the new Republican Congress will pass a border security bill first --- not a comprehensive immigration reform bill.
    Rangel goes on to criticize bills facing the new Texas governor as impractical.

....But as with all the money spent on border security, even if some of those bills pass there is no guarantee they will accomplish what is intended for this simple reason: Texas shares a 1,200-mile border with Mexico and it may take billions of dollars --- not millions --- and more cooperation with the federal government to stop the growing number of people trying to escape the ruthless gang violence and worsening economic conditions in their countries....

    The new Republican Congress would certainly pass a bill that would assure cooperation with Texas. And, if the Rio Grande levee system is used properly, the cost of border security would be cut significantly.
    Finally, Rangel says that a statute passed by California voters aimed at curbing illegal immigration was killed by the courts. Wrong --- it was killed by a liberal California governor.