Past Features

November 24, 2012

Doug McIntyre, Los Angeles Daily News -- November 22, 2014   
    It's on.
    Fresh off a midterm election disaster, President Obama has gotten off the mat and thrown a haymaker at his political enemies and the American public, who overwhelmingly rejected his policies and brand of leadership.
    By issuing an executive order last week expanding the concept of "prosecutorial discretion" to allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay and work in this country, the president has thrown down the gantlet to opponents of amnesty.
    "Pass a bill," said Obama.
    And that's just what the Republicans should do.
    The first order of business for the new Congress in January should be a border security bill that hits the ball back over the net and forces the president and his pro-amnesty party to put up or shut up.
    Either they believe in a secure border or they don't. The only way we'll ever know is with a border security bill unencumbered by such residual issues as H-1B visas, the Dream Act, family reunification or amnesty.