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November 23, 2012

California Cancer
Will it metastasize?

California Governor Brown
Glenn Spencer - American Patrol Report - November 23, 2014   
    Breibart reports that, of the three million people covered by Obama's Executive Action, fully one-third, or one million reside in California.
    And of this total, 40%, or 400,000 will be eligible for the states free Med-Cal health services.
    In June, CBS News reported:
    “With federal reimbursements and other funding, the state is projected to spend $75.4 billion to care for a projected 11.5 million people, or 30 percent of the state population."
    Seventy percent of California doctors are boycotting MediCare and many are retiring or leaving the state.
    American taxpayers are going to pay out billions of dollars each year to pay for the health care of people who broke our laws.
    Despite all of this, Gov. Brown said to illegal aliens, "You're all welcome in California."
    We lost California because of the cowardice of Republican leaders. Will we soon say the same about the rest of America?