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November 22, 2012

Border Patrol Stand-Down
Obama Sponsoring Invasion

Border action last week.
Glenn Spencer - American Border Patrol - November 22, 2014   
    A very reliable source told me that US Border Patrol agents have been told to minimize efforts at apprehending suspected illegal aliens. Agents operating out of the Tucson Sector are instructed not to aggressively pursue suspects, such as "cutting sign", unless they personally observe a violation.
    There is also evidence of increased border traffic near ABP's border ranch. Last week four groups of aliens were apprehended just east of ABP's ranch, and the San Pedro River -- 1/2 mile from ABP's ranch, is being used more frequently by "mules" to transport drugs.
    A truckload of drugs was intercepted four miles west of the ranch on Forest Lane Rd.
    There is growing evidence that Barack Obama is cutting border enforcement just as he increases the magnetic draw of amnesty.
    The President of the United States is sponsoring the invasion of the nation he was elected to defend.