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November 21, 2012

One Last Chance
Secure the Border Now, or Lose America
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- November 21, 2014   
    According to Rick Oltman, the Obama amnesty really says: “If you can get here, you can stay here.
    How many will flood across the border in the next two years? We will have no way of knowing, because Obama will make sure we don't.
    The Republican Congress will press to put a halt to Obama's amnesty --- but it is not certain if they will succeed. There is a way to force Obama to secure the border, however.
    I described an approach at GovSec West last year --- “What is Border Security and How Will We Know When We Have it?
    In January Congress could pass legislation to use the latest in technology to count everyone who crosses the border illegally between ports of entry. This could be accomplished very quickly --- within three months.
    Data on the location and number of illegal border crossers would be reported monthly to the people by a Border Commission made up of border states governors and attorneys general, the Government Accountability Office, members of the House and Senate, and a representative of DHS.
    The legislation would also provide, say, $12 billion to DHS to secure the border, and $3 billion for the Border Accountability System. The Senate immigration bill budgeted $30 billion for border security.
    Obama may veto such legislation, but there would certainly be enough Democrats in the Senate to override him.
    What good would this do? The Border Commission could provide objective proof that the Obama Administration is not seeing to it that the laws are faithfully executed. This would be grounds for impeachment that would hold water. On the other hand, DHS might really secure the border --- which is good.
    Barack Obama is at war with the Republican Congress. If they lose this war, we lose America. They had better start acting like it.