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November 19, 2012

Witnessing National Suicide
Conquest of Aztlan Realized?

Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- November 19, 2014   
    Speaking before the National Council of La Raza on July 13, 2008, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama said: “And this November, we're going to come together to turn the page on the failed policies of the past. To bring new energy and new ideas to meet the challenges we face. And together, we won't just win an election -- we will transform this nation.”
    The next day, July 14, 2008, I posted a piece called National Suicide in which I said: "Barack Obama is the most dangerous person ever to have appeared on the American political stage. His election to the presidency would mean national suicide.”
    If Barack Obama's “Executive Action” is not stopped immediately, we will have committed national suicide.
    For the past twenty years I have chronicled the invasion of the United States from south of the border. This is an invasion with hostile intent. It is called the Conquest of Aztlan. We have already lost California -- irretrievably. If this amnesty is allowed to stand, the continuing flood across the border will seal the fate of the rest of the Southwest, including Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The sovereignty of the United States of America, torn by civil war, will be the final victim.
    This entire process has been orchestrated by a host of sponsors, including Mexico, the Ford Foundation, and the Democratic Party - cheered on by the mainstream media.
    It will take real courage and determination to fight back to save the United States of America, but find it we must.