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November 9, 2012

Muck Covers American Border Patrol
Is Glenn headed for an ambush?

From left, Roger Olsen, Mariana von Zeller, Michael Voltaggio
Glenn Spencer. American Patrol Report -- November 9, 2014   
    Last year HBO sent a crew to do a documentary on the border and American Border Patrol was to play an important role. During the filming I discovered that the production crew, Honest Engine, was closely tied to Michael Moore. This fact and other suspicious behavior, caused me to stop production.
    Earlier this year the BBC was planning to do the same thing. Before they arrived, I found out that their production company specialized in comedies. I cancelled the trip.
    This time a visit by a production company was arranged by a Canadian producer with whom I had worked in the past. His reports were fair. He said it was to be similar to his last visit. Wrong. At the last minute I learned that the crew was tied to the Travel Channel and the production company was called Muck.
    The principal reporter is Mariana von Zeller - a very attractive, friendly sort. Her reporting suggests a liberal bent. Her partner in a border documentary is Michael Voltaggio, a famous chef.
    Yesterday I took Mariana, Michael, and videographer Roger Olsen, for a flight along the border. We then visited my ranch. They were late so we didn't have much time to go over the technology ABP demonstrates for border security.
    I have learned that Muck is planning to videotape a meeting between me and a group of people “on the other side.” it is supposed to take place Wednesday. Am I about to walk into an ambush?
    More later......