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November 5, 2012

Breitbart -- November 4, 2014   
    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained to reporters that President Obama was “bound and determined” to use his executive power to grant amnesty for illegal immigrants despite the results of the mid-term elections.
    “The best example of something like this would be on immigration reform,” Earnest said, citing Republican unwillingness to consider the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill that passed the Senate.
    “The president has indicated that before the end of the year he is prepared to use his executive authority to try to fix those elements of the immigration system that he can fix, using his executive authority,” Earnest said, reminding reporters to expect an announcement by the end of the year....
ABP COMMENT: The Spin Has Started. Make no mistake about it - the power elite in Washington will try pass immigration laws without first proving that the border is secure. They have been at it for thirty years and they are not about to give up now. -- The spin has already started. In a Fox exit poll, four issues were ranked: Foreign Policy, Health Care, The Economy, and Illegal Immigration. -- Illegal Immigration ranked third. But, what if the issue had been border security? How different would the rankings be? It's all about what questions to ask. -- American Border Patrol will be on top of this important story.