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October 31, 2012

Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- October 31, 2014   
    I have followed Karl Rove's pro-illegal immigration machinations for more than a decade and it was people like him that I had in mind when I wrote these words yesterday: "It is not too late to save America, but these jerks are going to have to find some serious cojones if we are to have a chance."
    When I wrote those words, I was unaware of this:

The Daily Signal
    Karl Rove's support for what many Americans consider amnesty for illegal immigrants has put the Republican political guru at odds with The Heritage Foundation for a decade.
    That's why observers of current and past incarnations of “immigration reform” were surprised to learn of Rove's association with a campaign ad drawing attention in a hot U.S. Senate race.

    We can thank Barack Obama for 'Ole Rove's change of heart. The public reaction to Obama's lawless move to grant amnesty to millions brought the public to its feet in anger - and poor ole' Carl couldn't help but notice.
    I am glad Mr. Rove finally found the cojones to fight against amnesty --- but, as he rolls down the road atop the bandwagon, let us not forget that it was jerks like Karl Rove who helped put us in this terrible situation in the first place.