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October 29, 2012

Shameful Indeed
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- October 29, 2014   
    Yesterday, Mitt Romney appeared on MSNBC and said that Obama's plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens was "a very shameful thing."
    Omygosh, what harsh words!
    I'll tell you what's shameful --- Romney's campaign against Obama.
    On June 16, 2012, James Fulford wrote in "Romney May Have Lost The Election By Rolling Over For Obama’s Illegal Amnesty".
Throughout the 2012 campaign, Obama sent messages that he was squarely on the side of Mexican Reconquistas ---and Romney said nothing.
    On September 5, 2012, I wrote: "With Castro and Villaraigosa chosen to lead and headline the Democrat National Convention, is there any doubt that for Obama this election is all about amnesty and the Conquest of Aztlan? Will Romney ever wake up and defend America?"
    And, let's not forget that his choice for VP was recently involved in writing legislation that would legalize 11 million.
    We are in a mess today because Mitt Romney is not only a coward --- he may really be on Obama's side. If Americans listen to him again, that would be shameful indeed.