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October 22, 2012

Breitbart -- October 21, 2014   
    Tuesday on NewsMax TV's "America's Forum," Maricopa Co., AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he was unable to convince top U.S. law enforcement officials to step foot inside of Mexico to try and work on border security issues.
    While trying to work on initiatives to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs flooding our border with Mexico, Arpaio said, "I'll tell you whats sad, all the top law enforcement officials told me don't go into Mexico."
    "Isn't that sad law enforcement is afraid to cross that border and go inside Mexico. I just can't believe it," he added. "I did talk to four federal officers, I had to stick my arm through the fence to shake their hands."
Mom of Marine held in Mexico pleads with lawmakers, as attorney says release could come soon
......that was three weeks ago!
ABP Comment: Mexico is an enemy of the United States and Barack Obama is their chief ally.