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October 15, 2012

It's Common Sense to Seal the Borders to Ebola, But That'd Hurt Obama's Amnesty Agenda
Rush Limbaugh -- October 14, 2014   
    RUSH: I got an e-mail after that call from the doctor, and I'm sure that many of you are asking the same thing, "What's the bottom line?" His point in all of that was we've got no business allowing people from known Ebola-producing countries into ours. That was his whole point. And his secondary point, which confirmed his primary point, was he's a doctor. He said this idea that a patient has to be showing symptoms in order to infect people isn't necessarily true.
    The doctor's point was that you can be infected by a patient who is not showing symptoms, and thus may not know that he or she has Ebola. There are instances of it. And because of that, his simple point was if the safety and security of America and her people is the primary concern, there's no way you let Ebola patients or you allow flights from countries such as the three in Africa, into the country. The Filipinos are banning all flights. It can be done. Lesser countries than ours are instituting such protocols. It can be done.... Read Entire Transcript