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September 23, 2012

CBP Fixes Camera Tower...
Did our report hasten the work?

Technician rewires "dummy" camera
American Border Patrol -- September 23, 2014   
    ABP suspected that Customs and Border Protection installed a "dummy" camera to make it appear that repairs had been completed on a critical border tower system.
    Yesterday, technicians arrived and installed a new night vision camera on the West camera cluster where one had been missing. They also rewired the night vision camera on the East cluster, reconnecting the wires that had been left dangling. This removed all doubt. The East night vision camera was a "dummy," just as we suspected.
    It appears, however, that when it was installed on August 26, the East camera was new -- it just wasn't connected. So, technically it wasn't a "dummy" -- more like a prop.
    Here is a real comparison that should convince anyone that we were absolutely right from the outset.
    How many other camera towers are out of commission -- but don't have ABP to watch them?