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September 22, 2012

How Not to Secure the Texas-Mexico Border
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- September 22, 2014   
    Last Thursday MySA (San Antonio Newspaper) published a series of photos taken by a U.S. Army soldier that show Texas National Guardsmen using specialized military equipment to patrol the Texas-Mexico border.
    Two photos show guardsmen looking through what appears to be some sort of camera/sensor system. My question is: What do they expect to see? Most of the Rio Grande in Texas winds through heavy brush and forests. It is unlikely that these cameras, even if they had powerful night vision capability, could see anything that isn't more or less out in the open. Sitting at one spot on a 500-mile river where they are quite visible, it is unlikely that these guardsmen would see anyone who doesn't want to be seen.
    Earlier this year, Customs and Border Protection asked a major DOD contractor to see if its sensor systems would work on the Rio Grande. They told Customs and Border Protection that the "sugar cane and forests" were too dense for their radar controlled cameras systems, but that a seismic sensor system being tested by American Border Patrol would be ideal. I can't reveal more than this, but CBP did not contact us.
    The Sonic Barrier seismic sensor system (AKA IDENTISEIS) could be installed atop the 500-mile Rio Grande levee system. it would detect and identify everyone who tried to enter Texas illegally.
    This is how to secure the Texas-Mexico border