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September 21, 2012

Major Smuggling Corridor Open at Night
DHS Fails to Make Repairs
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- September 21, 2014   
    The San Pedro River in Arizona runs north across the border from Mexico. It is a major drug smuggling corridor. The US Border Patrol watches this corridor using a camera tower - the Apache Sky Road tower - located about a mile northwest of the border. There is another tower - but it is 2.5 miles northeast - out of range of where the river crosses the border.
    In August we reported that one of the night vision cameras on the Apache Sky Road tower was missing. The next day a camera was seen in the empty spot - but we believe it is a dummy.
    On Sept. 15, we reported that the other night vision camera was missing. It still is.
    A close look at this photo shows that the East night vision camera is missing its top and does not appear to be connected to anything. See this blow up . And see how the loose connectors match those of the dummy camera.
    A major smuggling corridor - available to terrorists - appears to be open for night business. Failure of our government to have spare cameras for our front line security is outrageous. Using a dummy camera to make it appear that the system is working is criminal.